User-centered – sustainable – plant-based


Christoph Bartetzko

Product & Communications Manager

Analytical and strategic thinker with a strong creative streak. Product development, marketing and communication in the strategic and operative area with the necessary portion of nerdiness for more than 15 years. Including 11 years in software applications in the B2B and B2C segments. Cross-process pattern recognition and well-timed, structured projects that meet the needs of customers and users.

🧐 Product development, marketing and communication in the strategic and operative area with the necessary portion of nerdiness.

I have been involved in the development, marketing and management of software applications, both in large companies and start-ups, for more than 11 years. In addition, product development, product strategies, conception, HR management, business development, marketing, design, quality management, journalism & Co. were my constant companions. Actually I never had a position that would have pushed me into just one specific part. Variety and cross-process pattern recognition are what I like.
My way is rather unconventional, but describes the technical and audiovisual focus in combination with nature, art and the passion for analysis, economy and operational aspects quite well.

Before the classical training in media management and communication sciences, the crisis of isolating myself not only in the economic aspects was probably the most instructive social experience after my business high school graduation. I wanted to understand people, their motives, processes and interrelationships at a very early stage, independently of classical theories. This time showed me all the dark abysses of humanity, but it also made me understand people better and helped me to deal with complex patterns.

This and my knowledge helped me to organize teams on a professional level, to recognize and promote talents, to act as a mediator, to advise and assist as well as to refine internal and customer-centered communication.

Always developing dynamically on many levels such as communication, corporate strategies, corporate responsibility, planning, conception and implementation are essential, especially in today’s world. The future of our children and our planet always in view. Acting economically and ecologically sustainable to progressively shape the future.

Maybe my science fiction soul speaks for itself, but I am firmly convinced that we can now take great steps where no one has ever been before. 🖖

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